Why Choose TX Real Estate Marketing
for your media production?

  • Our media executives work directly with your team producing the project from end to end through scheduling, coordinating and working with you on solidifying the scope of work. 
  • Our drone pilots, videographers and photographers are more than just their titles.  These professionals follow safety measures by wearing boots, vests and hard hats during production.  
  • Each angle, change of picture, lighting, sound effect, background music, shutter speed adjustment and so much more are the recipe of an excellent digital portfolio.


  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Media
  • Digital Portfolio
  • Training Videos
  • Company Events
  • Impress Investors
  • Impress Builders
  • Impress General Contractors
  • Impress Specialty Contractors
  • Impress Buyers
  • Impress Tenants

Drone & Video Technology